AQA Additional biology revision notes on CELLS AND SPECIALISED CELLS

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CELLS - dissolved substances pass in and out of cells by diffusion, water by osmosis

Plants and animals:
Nucleus - controls what happens in the cell, contains genetic information
Cytoplasm - where most of the chemical reactions happen
Membrane - controls movement of substances in and out of cells
Mitochondria - site of respiration (where most energy is released)
Ribosomes - site of protein synthesis (think 'rib'=protein)

Cell wall - made of cellulose, supports the cell
Chloroplasts: contain chlorophyll which absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
Vacuole - filed with cell sap, keeps cell turgid


White blood cell can recognise and destroy pathogens 1. can change shape to engulf pathogens

Red blood cells 1. contain red pigment to bind oxygen together (haemoglobin) 2…


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