AQA Poetry Anthology Key Quotes


The Manhunt - Simon Armitage:

'the frozen river which ran through his face'

metaphor - one interpretation could be that the injuries which the soldier has sustained have left him numb, or it could signify the distruption in the soldiers relationship.

'the foetus of metal beneath his chest'

metaphor - the metal is small and could be developing like a foetus, his injury needs to be cared for. 

'Unexploded mine buried deep in his mind'

metaphor - shows a constant state of fear and potential danger within the soldiers mind which could relate to a mental illness such as PTSD. 'buried deep' could show that the soldier is uncomfortable with talking about the issues he has faced at war. 

Sonnet 43 - Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

'I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can't reach'

this shows that there are multiple dimensions to the love shared between Browning…


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