Approaches in Pyschology

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Social Approach -

All behaviour occurs in a social context, even if others are not physically present. Society is a major influence on peoples behaviours, and thoughts and emotions. individual behaviour is affected by the situational context

strength - uses scientific methods to conduct research, and it shows social influence can have a stronger effect than dispositional factors ( nurture over nature )

weaknesses - reductionist, suggests we are a by product of our environment and doesnt consider biological factors in explaining our behaviour.

Lab research often lacks ecological validity, and therefore does not represent true nature of behaviour in a social context. Individual differences also play a factor, as we dont all behave the same in similar situations.

Developmental approach -

Adult behaviour can be explained by child development and experiences during this time. Changes are a result of nature, such as inheriting factors and things like puberty. Nurture also may play a role with experiences with other people effecting the developmental process.

strength - gives evidence for both nature and nurture…


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