Applying Bethams Hedonic Calculus

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Moral dilemma:

Pat and Tiffany are a young married couple in love. However, they have both been made redundant and lack of money is beginning to strain their relationship. They begin to gamble and at a casino they meet a rich man who finds Tiffany attractive. He offers to give them 50,000 if Tiffany spents an evening with him at a hotel and has sex with him.

Intensity- The money could bring the couple closer together as the financial strain is removed and the need to gamble is eliminated. So accepting the rich mans offer could result in greater happiness to the couple. However, the rich mans pleasure would be superficial a lower pleasure in Mills view. Similarly, Tiffany could find intimacy with another man exciting but again it would be a superficial pleasure.

Duration- The effects on the married couple are likely to last some time. The happiness resulting from gaining such a large amount of money and any emotional pain from Tiffany's adultery are not likely to evapurate quickly-money eventually gets spent but emotional scars can last a lifetime. Also, the rich man's happiness will be short-lived as the pleasure will only last an evening unless Tiffany arranges a repeat performance.

Certainty- There is no guarantee other than the rich mans word that the couple will receive the money…


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