Applying Fletcher's principles to homosexuality and polyamorous relationships


Appyling Fletcher's principles to homosexuality and polyamorous relationships:

Homosexual relationships:

-Fletcher believed that sexual relationships were a matter of personal individual freedom governed by the rule of concern for neighbur. They should be kept private.

-This is similar to his view that ethics should not be driven by an absolutist, legalistic approach. He called this the agapeic approach, the boss principle.

-it should be recognised that the practices of homosexuality and polyamory should have the same treatment as a monogamous relationship in what applies to them should be the same for any other type of relationship.

-This view is not legalistic but instead the agapeic principle that sets situation ethics apart from antinomianism.

-For example the principle of agape would support the law as long as what is done in private or in public does not contravene human rights or the law and also that it does not offen public deceny. But, there is a grey area here because this is for a judge or jury to decide .

-According to agapeic principles, if a relationship is considered to be honest and loving then there is no reason why it cannot be considered against the principles of Christianity according to Fletcher's situation Ethics.

-This response ensures that it supports the…


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