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It is easy to see appeasement as a weak approach against Hitler. However, it was tactically correct and was seen by many at the time as the only way forward. People in war torn nations were very reluctant to engage in a war, and in the case of looming elections any party knew it had to support appeasement to maintain the support of the people and win an election.

Pros of Appeasement

  • Allies were more worried about Communism than Hitler: they saw Hitler as a useful buffer against Communism and the dangers of Stalin.
  • There was a concern the Empire would not support a War against Germany: having another country fight for independence would cause even more problems.
  • Britain believed the Treaty of Versailles was unfair: if it was put right many thought the Germans would be more peaceful.
  • American people did not want to be dragged into another European war: no US support left them vulnerable.


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