Antigone and Electra Part A questions/answers

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1-      Briefly describe the events leading up to this point in the play (lies 528-548)

The play opens to Antigone and Ismene outside the palace in Thebes. Antigone explains what has happened, and the edict that Creon has set in forbidding anyone to bury Polynices. Antigone is appalled, and believes both her brothers deserve the same and rightful burial. She tries to get Ismene to help her but Ismene believes their family have suffered enough. The chorus sing an ode explain the history of Thebes and the battle for the throne between Polynices and Eteocles. They also explain the family history of Oedipus. Creon enters and the chorus side with him under the idea that Polynices was a traitor. Creon explains further his law against burying Polynices. A sentry arrives, terrified, explaining that the body had been buried. Creon blames the sentry, exclaiming he must have been paid to do it. The chorus comment that it could be the happening of the gods. Creon argues that Polynices spited the Gods, and threatens the sentry with death. The chorus sing an ode to man, explaining how great man is in everything, as well as defeating nature. The sentry returns with Antigone, exclaiming it was her. Antigone owns up proudly. And Ismene enters also claiming she was involved. Antigone ignores this and states that Ismene had no part in the act and therefore, she is weak. The chorus sing about the history of Oedipus and compare Antigone to her father. They also speak of human suffering. Creon decides to kill both.

2-      Briefly describe the events since Creon accuses both sisters of the burial until Tieresias enters.

After Creon believes that both sisters are responsible, the chorus lament human suffering and sing of the house of Oedipus and its history. Haemon then arrives and tells his father that he…


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