Antibodies. AS Biology Unit 2 OCR

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Antigens: Molecules that stimulate immune response
Antobodies specific to an antigen

Antibodies: Protein molecules that can identify and neutralise antigens
Produced in the lymphocytes
Specific shape complementary to that of a particular antigen
Immune system must manufacture ine type of antibody for every antigen that is detected
antibodies attatch to antigens and render them harmless

The structure of an Antibody:
Y-Shaped with 2 distinct regions
4 Poplypeptide chains held together by disulfide bridges
A constant region, smae in all antibodies - enables the antobody to attatch  to phagocytic cells
A variable region, has a specific shape and differs from…




You are like my hero!! honestly your revision notes for AS Biology are perfect! Thank you SO much!! 

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