Answering Final Questions- WJEC Unit 3

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guide on answering one of the final questions

The final question in the WJEC ICT GCSE exam for Unit 3 will have a question that judges the Quality of Written Communication. All this means is that you have to be accurate with spelling, punctuation and grammer. Here you must write in full sentences![

The question today is: March 2012

"Teleworking and videoconferencing has changed the working practices. Describe the benefits and drawbacks these methods have brought to people" [10]

  • Very often these questions can be structured by looking at the marks available. Remember that you can always use a small part of you page as plan for this question, as long as you clearly label this "PLAN" you should be good!
  • As we can see the question in worth 10 marks. As we have to talk about 2 methods, we can assume there is about 4-5 marks available per method.
  • then as we have advantages and disadvantages, we can split this 5 into 2 sections as well. This means that we need about 2-3 advantages and 2-3 disadvantages for each method.

Once we have figured out the approximate structure for the question, we should start our plan. Personally I reccomend a uick list, but any 2 minute plan should suffice.


  • allows workers to work from the comfort of home, therefore saves on travel costs 
  • Allows employers to avoid rent costs for offices and costs on equiptment
  • Workers may become destracted easily by home environment and employers may find it difficult to moniter them as a result of teleworking
  • social interaction between co-workers and employees may be lost


  • Meetings can be held at any convenient time, with people all around the world, proving videoconferencing to be convenient as travel time and costs are saved
  • Allows for 24/7 use, as conferences can be held


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