Answering a viewpoint question

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Decode the question-Underline and highlight the key words amd make sure you understand what the statement,quotation or viewpoint is saying. Key words and phrases=how far and presented as unreliable

How far=how much to what extent is the evidence mostly/not so mucg/not at all for this view

Presented=shown by the writer through thought,speech,action

As unreliable= not to be truted or capable of error

The veiwpoint/idea expressed

Decide what your viewpoint is-Examiners have stated that they tend to reward a strong veiw which is presented clearly.Think about the question-can you take issues with it. Disagreeing stringly can lead to higher marks,provided you have genuine evidence to support your point of view. Dont disagree just for the sake of it.

Decide how to structure your answer-Pick out the key points you wish to make and decide on the order in which you will present them.Keep this basic plan to hand…


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