Animal Rights

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Animal Rights


Key Terms


Animal experimentation – experiments carried out using animals as the test subject, eg : for testing cosmetic toxicity or for new drugs


Animal rights – the rights animals have to live without cruelty, and to be treated well


Battery farming – farming where the animals are kept in small pens, or cages and are prevented from roaming freely.


Bull fighting – a sport in which trained matadors fight bulls, usually leading to the bulls death


Cloning – producing an organism exactly identical to another asexual


Companionship – living with, or keeping someone company, eg. A pet dog


Extinction – where a whole species has been wiped out, so that no more exist, and in the future cannot exist again


Free range farming – farming where the animals are allowed to roam in the open


Fur trade – an industry which breeds animals to sell their fur in clothing


Genetic modification – where DNA is taken and adjusted or modified then reinserted into an egg, which is then placed into an animals womb to produce a replica of the original


Preservation of species – actions taken to keep a species in existence, eg : zoo breeding programmes


Status of an animal – the value animals have, which then decides their rights, eg, are they as valuable as humans?


Vegan diets – diet which


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