Androgyny and the BSRI


Androgyny and the BSRI

Defining Androgyny

  • Androgyny refers to a personality type that is charcaterised by a mixture/balance of masculine and feminine traits, attitudes or behaviour
  • Sandra Bem developed a method for measuring androgyny and suggested that high androgyny is associated with psychological well-being
  • Individuals who are androgynous are better equipped to adapt in a range of situations and contexts that other non-androgynous people would find difficult

Measuring androgyny: The Bem sex role inventory(BSRI)

  • Bem's 1974 scale presents 20 characteristics that would be commonly idenitified as 'masculine' and 20 that would be typically judged as 'feminine', as well as a further 20 'neutral' traits
  • Respondents are required to rate themselves on a seven-point rating scale for each trait
  • Scores are then classified on the basis of two dimensions, masculinity-femininity and androgynous-undifferentiated

+The scale appears to be valid and reliable

  • The BSRI was developed by asking 50 F and 50 M judges to rate 200 traits in terms of how desirable they…


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