Andrews v Hopkinson [1957]

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It is settled law that there may be an enforceable warranty between A, the intended purchaser of a car, and B, the motor-dealer, supported by the consideration that B should cause a hire-purchase finance company to enter into a hire- purchase agreement with A, the intended purchaser. The plaintiff wished to acquire a second-hand car from the defendant, who carried on the business of a dealer in second-hand cars. Before entering into a hire-purchase agreement with a finance company to whom the defendant sold the second-hand car chosen by the plaintiff, the defendant said: "It's a good little bus, I would stake my life on it. You will have no trouble with it."

He undertook to arrange for an engineer's report to be prepared for submission to the proposed insurers. The engineer's inspection included the testing of the steering wheel for excessive play, but he did not jack up the car upon being told that the plaintiff had effected an insurance with a different company and did not…


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