And The Glory of The Lord Revision

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The four motifs in 'And The Glory Of The Lord' are:

  1. 'And the Glory of the Lord' (first sung by altos, bar 11)
  2. 'Shall be revealed' (first sung by tenors, bar 17)
  3. 'And all flesh shall see it together' (first sung by altos, bar 43)
  4. 'For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it' (first sung by tenors and bass, bar 51)

To create an impressive ending, Handel included:

  • Adagio speed
  • Homophonic texture
  • General pause (big rest)
  • Longer notes
  • Forte dynamic

The piece, which is from 'Messiah' was composed in 1741.

It is an oratorio: a large scale musical work which includes text from the Bible written for-

  • Chorus
  • Soloists
  • Orchestra

'And The Glory of The Lord' was…


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