And the Glory of the Lord

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Composer- George Frideric Handel

  • Born in Germany 1685, eventually settled in England.
  • 'Royal composer' to King George I
  • Died 1759

Musical Context

  • Baroque- 1600-1750
  • Fourth movement in part 1 of 'The Messiah' Oratorio.
  • It is a chorus- used to sum upthe action of the story.
  • Ornamented, use of keys, basso continuo (harpsichord/organ + cello/bassoon), terraced dynamics, imitation, harpsichord, chamber music, polyphonic textures, baroque orchestra.

Musical Elements, Instrumentation & Features

  • Time Signature: 3/4
  • Tonality: Begins and ends in A major, modulated to dominant E major and its dominant B major- no minor keys.
  • Tempo: Allegro (fast dance tempo), adagio (slow) for last four bars.
  • Dynamics: No dynamics on…


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