And the Glory of the Lord by Handel

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  • The Baroque era was between 1600 and 1899
  • Baroque music is known for being ornate, extravagant and decorative
  • Composers include Bach, Vivaldi and Handel
  • An oratorio, (such as Messiah, from where And the Glory of the Lord comes from) is a religious opera
  • An oratorio includes the following sections: chorus, which is the whole choir singing; aria, which is a solo song; and recitative, which is a narration of the story
  • And the Glory of the Lord is a chorus


  • It uses an SATB choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
  • There is accompaniment for the choir in the form of strings and basso continuo (cello and organ)
  • The orchestra often doubles the vocals


  • There is an orchestral introduction called a ritornello
  • Overall, the piece is through-composed, meaning it has no formal structure
  • It is based on four main motifs
    • "And the glory of the Lord"
    • "Shall be revealed"
    • "And all flesh shall see it together"
    • "For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it"


  • Motif 1, introduced in


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