And The Glory Of The Lord

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Handel - And The Glory Of The Lord


  • Baroque
  • From the Messiah, an oratorio (religious opera)
  • Composed in 1741
  • First performed in 1742


  • In A major - bright&joyful
  • It modulates into different keys(E major and B major) using the dominant(circle of fifths)
  • Ends on the tonic
  • No dissonance
  • Ends with a plagal cadence - 'amen'


  • 4 melodic motifs
  • Orchestral introduction
  • First 2 themes introduced&combined
  • Orchestral interlude
  • Themes C and D introduced&combined
  • Inventive section
  • Piece ends with the themes being played in order


  • A - outlines A major, is uplifting&confident because it is ascending
  • B - uses a descending sequence
  • C - repeated figure in triadic structure spanning the interval of E




I hope you find these useful! Good luck!:)

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