Ancient Philosophy: Plato


The philosophical views of Aristotle, in relation to:

  • Understanding reality 
  • The four cases
  • The prime mover

Understanding reality:

- Teleology = the study of the ends or purpose that things serve.

- Aristotle believed that the best way to understand the purpose things are the way they are is to understand the purpose they were designed to serve.

- For example, we can disect an animal to see how its anatomical organs look and what they're made of, but we can only understand each organ when we perceive what its supposed to do.

- Aristotle's emphasis to teleology implies that there is a reason for everything.

- Aristotle sees purpose in anatomical and biological systems, he sees human life as organised and directed toward a final end as well.

- The good life, for ehich all our virtue and wisdom prepares us, consists…


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