Ancient Egypt

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Embalment - Sand Mummies

  • hot desert sands can preserve a body by dehydrating it
  • earliest mummies date from around 3200BC
  • dead person was placed in a simple grave that was little more than a shallow oval dug in the desert sand and was then covered in sand

Body Cast

  • over 2000 ancient Romans died in AD79 when the town of Pompeii was engulfed by a huge eruption of Mount Vesuvius
  • volcanic ash set around their bodies like wet cement
  • over years, the bodies decayed and the ash turned to rock

Canopic Jars

  • Qebehseneuf - falcon, intestines
  • Imetsy - human, liver
  • Hapy - baboon, lungs
  • Duamutef - jackal, stomach


  • Sekhmet - godess of war and epidemic
  • people thought they were ill because the goddess made…


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