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  • Third Mark of Existence
  • No fixed self/soul
  • As nothing is permanent there is not a fixed, unchanging essence or soul
  • Denial of any permanent part of you ie a soul that is created by God or emanating from a divine essence
  • In Hinduism, they believe that your atman (soul) carries on into your next life.  Buddha rejected this idea and 'no soul' is passed through bodies, only energies
  • Anatta applies to both animate and inanimate objects
  • Buddha does not claim there is definitely no self, only that the self we tend to identify with is not fixed
  • We consist in a process (anicca).  This implies no fixed part of ourselves.  If nothing remains unchanged, there is nothing which can contain fixed or a final identity
  • It is not the absence of a soul- oursleves are constantly changing, we don't just have fixed identities
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