Anatomy And Physiology

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Energy. is the ability to perform work..

Work. is force x distance moved in the direction of the force..

Energy and work are measured in Joules..

Chemical energy is that produced by a series of chemical reactions..

Which can then be made availale as Kinetic energy this is the energy due to movement which results in muscular contractions.. or potential energy which is energy stored, due to gravity..

Anaerobic energy systems..

The A.T.P- P.C system..

This is the system of replenishing of A.T.P from A.D.P. and is the predominant energy system for activities lasting 30 - 10 seconds. Which means for high intensity work .. For example 100 metre sprint..

No oxygen is needed so the process in anaerobic.. The chemical reactions within this system are a coupled reaction . in which A.T.P is resynthesised via P.C, stored in the muscle cell sarcoplasm.. The following reactions take place..

PC splits into P and C and energy..


Energy and A.D.P and P. form A.T.P.

The two reactions together are called a coupled reaction and are facilitated my the enzyme Creatine…


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