Analysis of Structure, Form and Themes of Poetry in the Place section

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Blackbird of Glanmore

 Single lines create repetition - keep coming back to moment and memory

Half rhyme

Start and end repetition – completeness of moment

Each stanza and single line is a different idea


Themes – Birds as symbols, memories and awe, wonder and spirituality


A Vision

Blank verse but structured – represents neatness of plans

4 lines in each stanza


Themes – Environment and identity


The Moment

6 lines per stanza

Last stanza has end stop – finality and quiet

First two stanza’s have enjambment


Themes – nature, awe, wonder and spirituality


Cold Knap Lake

End with a rhyming couplet – completeness

4-6 lines per stanza – mainly regular – reflects memory – main points are fixed, details


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