Analysis of Eric in Inspector Calls

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Eric is a troubled young man, lacking Geralds self confidence.  He firsts enters the script with a guffaw he cannot explain, showing his social akwardness.  Left with his father and Gerald, he speaks in a rather naive way about women being potty about their clothes, then lays himself open to suspicion by begining to say yes I remeber then stopping himself.  When Gerald jokingly  suggests that he has been up to something, he is ueasy and responds defensivly.  It emerges that Eric is a hard drinker;  Gerald and sheila are aware of this, but not his parents.  It is at the end of a drunken night that he first goes home with Eva Smith.  His drinking could be either the wildness of youth, or does he drink to help him cope with his social situation.

His Assertivness

Although unsure of himselfm, Eric can be assertive at time.  He speaks defiantly to


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