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Things you could include in questions about analysis:

  • Talk about the problem who needs a solution. State in detail what the problem is.
  • State who need the solution( the client) 
  •  State who will use the solution in other words have access to editing it and keeping it upto date (user).
  • Then state who will view or have some access to it this is the (audience). They are able to  either view the solution or have access to it to some extent. For example if the soliution was a presentation the audience would only be able to view it whereas if the solution was a website they would have access to it in order to use the website so would be able to login etc but can't change information/data on website such as the logo/home page etc.
  • Talk about which software would be used to solve the problem. If the software is stated think about how you could apply it to the solution of the problem. Also state the functions and feature of the softwares and how they can be used to solve the problem. For example if the solution needed is a new ICT system you could state that you would use database software as it would allow you to create a database. If database is stated you could say state that database management software allows you to create a query (this being a feature). This feature of the database managment software would help the user to


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