Analysing layout and presentational devices in media texts

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  • Layout  = the way the page in arranged
  • Presentational devices = idividual things that make up the layout.

What to do in the exam:

  • write about what features the writter has used and how it effects the text.

Identifying features:

  • Headings - comment on size & style. The main heading in a news paper in a headline
  • Strapline - a second, introductory headline below the main one
  • Subheadings - comment on how offen they're used, are they used offen to break up the article? how does they help identify the target audience? 
  • Font - the style, colour and size of writting, why has it been used?
  • Capital letters - e.g the FIRST word of an artical may be in capiltal letters, why?
  • Captions - the text under…


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Thankyou this was help full for my english home work

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