Analysing Dreams


The process of dream analysis:-
The analyst starts by listening to a description of the remembered dream (the manifest content).
The latent content can be uncovered by analysing symbols in the manifest content.
Unconscious desires 'leak' into the dream via symbols to protect the sleeper.
Mental health comes from uncovering unconscious desires and dream analysis can be part of the therapy.
Freuds therapy is called 'psychoanalysis'.

Psychoanalysis is a therapy that comes from Freuds ideas that mental disorders involve mental processes rather than physical ones. It is a 'talking cure'.

Freud treated middle-class patients in the wealthy part of Vienna. His patients told him about their problems, including neurotic symptoms such an the inability to move an arm. They talked about disturbing dreams, which led Freud to work on uncovering their meaning. If he could give enough explanation, the patient would consider themselves 'cured'.


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