An Inspector Calls - Ideas from Act 1 and Act 2

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Who do you think is to blame for Eva's death and why?

What are your first impressions of the play as a piece of theatre?

What  do you think of the story and its message?

How would it have impacted on an audience in 1946?


From reading every characters effects on Eva Smith, I believe that Mrs Birling had the most blame on her for her death. My first reason for this is that Eva was in a vunerable position and she should have been protected. She was weak and had virtually nothing. This should have been dealt by Mrs Birling as serious and needed attention.

"We were asked to look carefully into the claims made upon us. I wasn't satisified with the girl's claim - she seemed to me to be not a good case - and so I used my influence to have it refused."

She failed to do this and this caused the death. My seocnd reason for this is that it was the last event in Eva's life to do with the Birling family. Every other time she has picked herself up and carried on wih her life. Although we do not know, I would think that this event on its own would have made her take her


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