An Inspector Calls Characters - Sheila Birling

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Sheila Birling

  • Sheila is young and pretty, at the beginning of the play we are presented with a self centred girl who wants to impress Gerald, who she is engaged to. "Oh - it's wonderful! Look Mummy - isn't it a beauty?" She compliments the ring she recieves from Gerald a lot in an atempt to please him. The use of the word "Mummy" shows Sheila's immaturity.
  • Although what she does to Eva Smith is unjustified and extremely unfair the audience feel sympathetic towards her as she grows throughout the play. After her confession she learns and is determined to make up for what she has done. "I'll never, never do it again to anybody."
  • Sheila is the most perceptive of the characters and is the first to notice that the Inspector is strange. "You know. I don't understand about you." Here she is




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