An Inspector Calls Characters - Mr Birling

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Mr Birling

  • Mr Birling is the head of the family, this is shown as he is the first and last character to speak in the play, highlighting his impotance. 
  • He acts like a family man and as though it is his biggest concern. "has to look after himself- and his family too, of course." However the audience may have mixed feelings whether his family really are his main concern. The way in which "of course" is added on to the end of the sentence seems as though Birling is trying to convince himself, or to make himself seem like a family man.
  • Later in the play it becomes clear that Birling's main concern is the families public image not the family itself. "there'll be a public scandal" This is one of the edwardian values which Birling shows the audience. Priestley presents this as a weakness of the upper classes.
  • Mr Birling is shown as ignorant through ramatic irony. He describes the titanic as "absolutely unsinkable" and




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