An Inspector Calls Characters - Eric Birling

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Eric Birling

  • At the beginning of the play Eric comes across as strange, "Eric suddenly guffaws.... 'Suddenly I felt like I just had to laugh.'" His strange behaviour creates an akward atmosphere and causes tension between the charaters.
  • He acts suspiciously, as if he is hiding something. "(who is uneasy, sharply) Here, what do you mean?" This behaviour shows that he isn't comfortable and suggests to the audience that he has done something wrong.
  • Early on in the play it is hinted by Shelia that Eric has a drinking problem. "You're squiffy." This is then confirmed by Gerald, "I gathered that he does drink pretty hard." Eric's reliance on alcohol is one of his main weaknesses as a character, it is the reason that he behaved the way he did with Eva Smith. His addiction shows that he


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