An Inspector Calls - Arthur Birling

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  • A 'heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties but rather provincial in his speech'.
  • Owner of Birling and Co, a factory business.
  • Was not born into a wealthy family; he worked for his wealth.
  • A Magistrate and two years ago was Lord Mayor of Brumley.
  • Very proud of his achievements, and tries (and fails) to impress the Inspector with his status and position in the community.  Wishes to be knighted.
  • Very protective of his reputation; as the investigation unfolds, he becomes increasingly concious that word will get out and his reputation will be tarnished.
  • Pleased with engagement, as it raises the possibility of a business merger with Lord Croft's business.
  • Very opinionated, and even goes so far to say that there will not be a war.  This is highly ironic; the play…




I think these are actaully very good (: Keep it up x

ZinaK - Team GR


Do we learn he definitely lost the knighthood? I also thought of the inspector as being a spirit type thing acting as their conscience- because its like a morality play isn't it?

And Sheila is only unsure about the engagement right? She doesn't call it off...

Anyway the rest of the points are really useful, thanks 5stars

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