An inspector calls


An Inspector calls

  • Author: J.B. Preiestly
  • Writen in 1945
  • Set in England 1912
  • Form of text: Play

An Inspector calls is about a wealthy middle class family (The Birlings) celebrating the engament of their daughter (Sheila Birling) and Gerald Croft. As the evening progresses an inspector arrives, in order to investigate the death of Eva Smith. During the investigation the Birlings realise that they are all linked to the cause of death of Eva Smith.

Main themes An Inspector Calls:

  • Social Classes
  • Death
  • Conflict
  • Mystery


  • Arthur Birling
  • Sybil Birling
  • Sheila Birling 
  • Eric Birling
  • Gerald Croft
  • Edna
  • Inspector Goole

Important Events:

  • Mr. Birling makes a speech


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