An Inspector Calls: Sheila

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Context about women

  • Delicate beings
  • posession of men
  • patriarchal male dominated society
  • at this point, the suffragette movement was beginning 

Points about Sheila:

  • could be seen as a product of her higher social class upbringing
  • she does change of the course of the play for the better 
  • she learns the importance of social responsibility 
  • she even stands up to her mother at the end
  • refuses to take back ring after finding out about gerald cheating on her 
  • likened to Eric 

Key Quotes

now i really feel engaged

  • not particularly happy
  • the perfect family facade
  • symbolism of expensive wedding ring - suggests she is superficial and materialistic
  • concerned with her appearance
  • does has some suspicions
  • at this point she is the most emotionally demonstrative character in the play

'last summer, when you never came near me, and I wondered what had happened to you'

  • foreshadows conflict that later comes 
  • there are a lot of mysteries in this play
  • audience takes on role of inspector too - we see evidence like this, we work out what's going on 
  • perfect family?
  • concealment 
  • not so perfect relationship 
  • hidden secret

I think it was a mean thing to do

  • she consistently acts as the faily's conscience 
  • supporter of the Inspector
  • helped in this role by eric to a certain extent, although he is a much weaker


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