An Inspector Calls - Key Quotes:Act 1

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"Large suburban" "prosperous" good solid furniture" "heavily comfortable" - conveys wealth, semantic field of wealth.

"Not cosy and homelike" - suggests family is not close.

"Pink and intimate...brighter and harder" - stagecraft, change in atmosphere.

"Arthur Birling at one end, his wife at the other" - sitting at other ends of the table, not close.

"Port gl***es already on the table" - very easy lifestyle, everything done for them.

"Evening dress of the period" - rich,formal suit of latest design. 

"Cold woman" - describes Mrs Birling , desciption juxtaposes her role as a charity worker.

"Provincial in his speech" - regarding Mr Birling, who drags his speeches on.

"Easy well bred young man-about-town" - regarding Gerald Croft.

"Governor" - said by Gerald, showing off his connections.

"(Gaily,posessively)" - stage direction for Sheila, shows she is childish.

"Mummy" - said by Sheila,childish.

"Clearly relaxes" - good atmosphere.

"As she does not relpy,with more insistance" - Sheila is suspicious of Gerad, while Gerald is insistent that he is innocent.

"Of course she does" - mother answers on Shelias behalf.

"(Half serious, half playful)" - stagecraft suggests Sheila is immature or that she is afraid of men.

"When you're married you'll realize that men with important work to do sometimes have to spen nearly all their time and energy on their business" - here Mrs Birling emphasises gender roles and tries to make excuses for Gerald's suspicious absence.

"Squiffy" - children are more open to change, they pick up lower cl*** ways of speaking, the older genration do not like this.

"What an expression" - Mrs Birling does not approve of slang.

"Don't be an ***" - said by Sheila, shows she is childish.

"Now stop it" - the older generation treats the younger generation like children.

" Happiest nights of my life" - said by Mr Birling. Even tough it is Shelia's engagement, everything still has to be about him.

"Just the kind of son-in-law I always wanted" - Mr Birling wats Gerald as a son-in-law because of his social status.

"Good old Sheila" - The younger generation is a


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