An Inspector Calls

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How does Priestley explore responsibility?

  • We need to start looking after each other and then to learn from our mistakes.
  • This was after the war to show if we had learnt this war may not have occured.

An Inspector Calls-

The Birling family are spending a happy evening celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft - a marriage that will result in the merging of two successful local businesses.But when everything seemed to be going well, they recieve a surprise visit from an Inspector Goole. Who is investigating the suicide of a young, pretty girl Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.


Mr Arthur Birling- He is described at the beginning as a "heavy-looking, rather potentious man in his middle fifties but rather provincial in his speech".

Mrs Sybil Birling- She is described as "about fifty, a rather cold woman and her husband 's social superior". Least amount of social responsibility.

Sheila Birling-She is described at the start as "a pretty girl in her early twenties very pleased with life and rather excited and immature". She has the most social…


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