Aluminium extraction

  • Alumina is extracted from bauxite ore using Bayer process. 

  • Bauxite is crushed into grains. 

  • Then mixed with liquor from the later precipitation stage and crushed again to make a slurry. 

  • Bauxite can have a high level of silica present, so it may have to go through the desolation to remove this. 

  • Hot sodium solution is used to dissolve the aluminium bearing minerals. 

  • Conditions for this change due to the composition of the bauxite ores. 

  • Those with a high gibbsite content need around 140 degrees celsius, while those with a high bohmitic content need a higher temperature (200 - 280 degree celsius)

  • Slurry is cooled to around 106 degree celsius. 

  • Solids are separated from


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