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Nature of alpha, beta, gamma radiation

  • all 3 forms of radiation can be seperated using a MAGNETIC FIELD or an ELECTRIC FIELD.
  • Deflection= when it turns away from how its emitted eg emmited straight then curves away..


Beta Radiation

  • it is easily deflected, in the same way as electrons.
  • the radiation consists of negatively charged particles (-) because a 'b' particle IS a fast moving ELECTRON.
  • It is emitted by an unstable nucleus that has too many neutrons

Alpha Radiation 

  • deflected in the opposite direction of 'b' radiation- because alpha particles consist of positively charged particles (+) and 'b'is negative (-)
  • They are harder to deflect than 'b' radiation -->
  • because an 'a' particle has a much greater mass than than a 'b' particle has- an alpha particle has 2 protons and 2 neutrons stuck together (same as helium nucleus)

Gamma Radiation

  • not deflected by a magnetic OR electric field- because gamma radiation is electromagnetic- so is uncharged- that is how we kow its NOT made up


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