All My Sons


Act 2

KATE'S PLEA TO CHRIS - Kate asks Chris to protect the family from George, she claims stupidity and a lack of knowledge about events. Quote: "He's worried. When he's worried he sleeps. [Pauses. Looks into his eyes] We're dumb Chris. Dad and I are stupid people. We don't know anything. You've go tto protect us." RESENTMENT TOWARDS THE KELLER'S - Sue Bayliss makes it clear her outrage at Joe's avoidance of blame for what happened, not just because she believes he shouldn't been punished, but also because so many people easily over-look his giult, still continueing to hold the Keller family up on a pedestal. Ethical Message: The REAL CRIME is the failure to accept responsibility, and the placing of personal concerns above others, Sue represents the 'common man' who conveys the message. Quote: "Cgris makes people want to be better than it's possible to be. He does…


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