All My Sons


Act 1

KATE KELLER - Concern is raised over Kate's fragile state. The tree, which was planted to honour Larry's memory, has been destroyed, and her fragile state is revealed through this conversation. Hints at a relationship between her grief of Larry's disappearance. Even before she appears onstage, the audience are alerted to her mental state. SYMBOLISM - The fall of the tree emphaises its symbolic importance to the characters and how it impacts on their lives. Tree serves as a constant reminder of Larry who never appears onstage. The characters are unable to forget him, as guilt and shame are at the centre of it. The 'slender' tree has blown down while still young, suggesting that Larry died while still young and full of promise and potential. The tree's fall signals that the events surrounding Larry's death, which hang over the Keller's lives, must be confronted by the family. CHRIS' ENTRANCE - Relaxed atmosphere is shattered when tension over Larry's death surfaces between Chris and his father Joe. While in conversation with the neighbourhood boy, Bert, seems unnecessary it's purpose is to show Joe as am approachable and likeable man. Chris' dissatisfaction with life emerges through his speech and actions Chris' desire to read the book section of the paper shows his aspirational dreams, of intellect an dliterature, are revealed, though they have never been realised. Distinction


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