ALL GCSE P1 & P2 Physics Formulas AQA

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Physics P1 Formulas- 

Payback time (years)= Initial cost (£) / Annual Saving (£)

Energy Transferred (J) = Mass (kg) x Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg°C) x temperature chance (°C)

Efficiency (%) = Useful Energy out (J) / Total energy in (J)

Efficiency (%) = Useful Power out (W) / Total Power in (W)

Energy (J) = Power (W) x Time (s)

No. of Units (kWh) used = Power (kW) x Time (h)

Cost (p) = Number of Units x Price per Unit (p)

Speed (m/s) = Frequency (Hz) x Wavelength (m)

Angle of Incidence = Angle of Reflection 

P2 Physics Formulas 

(Distance-Time Graphs) Speed (m/s) = Gradient = Vertical / Horizontal 

Acceleration (m/s²) = Change in…




Wow we have to learn allll of these :(



P1 EASY!!!!! GOT a* 

P2 not so easy :/

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