All My Sons

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  • the play introduces questions that ignite feelings of society and responsibility
  • Keller sees himself as answerable to his family only, not the nation
  • Miller criticises Keller's myopic worldview, which allows him to discount his crimes because they were done 'for the family'
  • his message is that to cut yourself off from relationships with society at large is to invite tragedy of public (the deaths of the pilots) and private (the suicides) nature


  • the family is presented as a unit that can be corrupted and damaged by the actions and denials of its individuals, a small-scale example of the way individual actions can corrupt society


  • the fact that the play is about the past is inescapable, but how exactly does it affect the present and shape the future
  • Miller shows the damaging effect of keeping secrets
  • the revelation of said secrets is presented as unavoidable, as are their fatal consequences


  • the two main facts about the Keller family history that must be confronted are Larry's death and Joe's crime of shipping off the fault airplane parts
  • Kate denies the first while accepting the second, Joe accepts the first while denying the second
  • the result is that both characters live in a state of self-deception, wilfully ignoring one of the truths so that the family can continue to function, but they are living in a lie


  • Chris is described by others as an idealist, but we only really see this when he gets angry at the…


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