All life is sacred - discussion

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In Christianity, it is strongly believed that all life is sacred. This means God gave each and every person life and therfore only he has the right to take life away, if this is violated by a human who has murdered another, that human has to be punished because they have taken away their victim's life and destroyed their sanctity of life. This belief therefore aplies to abortion. 

After conception, an embryo's heart is fully developed and beating eight weeks into a pregnancy meaning this baby is living and has their right to live. Abortion is legal in the UK upto 24 weeks, meaning that the baby has been developed enough to have a beating heart and they can hiccup, cough, dream and blink. Christians in most cases believe that abortion is morally wrong because life begins at conception and Jesus said 'Love thy neighbour as you love yourself'. However, they may agree that abortion…


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