Alexander II's Military Reforms

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Alexander II's Military Reforms

  • Military reform was a priority for Alexander's government, and it was military considerations which had done the most to convince the bureaucracy of the need to abolish serfdom.
  • Geberal Dimitry Milutin advised the Tsar that reform of Russia's armed forces was not possible as long as serfdom persisted.
  • It was evidently desirable that the modern soldier should have at least basic education, equipping with initiative and intelligence in a military context.
  • Introducing military reforms meant that Russia would be able to fight on equal terms with Western forces in any future conflict.
  • Miliutin introduced a series of radical reforms which were aimed at improving the efficiency and fairness of the Russian military system, the intention to create a more professional army ended the practice of using the military as:
  • A penal instituation 


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