Alexander II 1855-1861

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Alexander II

  • Born 1818, died 1881; son of Nicholas I
  • He had a relatively liberal education by Zukhaukley so developed liberal and humane inclinations
  • He was a reformer but wanted to preserve the autocracy as he believed in divine right, but he felt that various reforms must be introduced for this to happen
  • Failure in Crimean War led him wanting to modernise Russia and develop industry
  • He was the first royal visitor to Siberia where he met political exiles and displayed sympathy for their conditions
  • His father ensured that he gained political experience as a member of various government committees

Tsars ruled by divine right through the Hereditory Principle:

  • Autocracy: No legal restrictions on the monarch; total obediance expected
  • Orthodoxy: Had close links to the Russian Orthodox Church; unsympathetic to other faiths
  • Nationality: The process of russification


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