Alcohol Definitions


Alcohol Definitions

MoA - Alcohol mimics GABA effect in brain, binds to GABA receptors and increases neurotransmitter levels. Nerve impulses then deceased which depresses CNS and slows down reaction times. Also depresses sympathetic making noradrenelin less effective. Control mechanisms also depressed so lack of control. Also increases dophamine.

STA - Reactions slow down; perception and speech affected; sleep quality reduced; skin flushes red, disrupts sexual function; dehydration and affected motor skills and coordination.

LTA - Cirrhosis of liver; cancers; brain damage, Malnutrition, memory loss, physical dependence.

Tol - Short-term tolerance develops quickly so that as blood alcohol level drops, the individual feels sober before they really are. Alcohol stimulates body to produce enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol. More individual drinks, more they produce this enzyme therefore the quicker the alcohol in their system will be broken down. In just a few weeks, the individual will be need to consume


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