Aid and Adaptations

Aids and Adaptations

- To enable people with disabilities to do things for themselves instead of having to rely on others

- Some aids may be used to stop a persons condition from deteriorating

- Aid is a piece of equipment that is typically portable or moveable

- An adaptation is a permanent change to a building, fixed equipment or vehicle to make it more suitable for the user

Aids and Adaptations to assist mobility

- Walking sticks, tripods, and walking frames, wheelchairs

Aids and Adaptations to support daily living

- Thickened handles enable a person to grip cutlery with hands that lack flexibility

- Utensil cuffs can be used for people who cannot grip at all

- Plate guards prevent food from being spilled by accidental movements

- Lowered work surfaces


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A good list of examples that are handy to include in answers.

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