Agression Biological explanations

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Aggression:this is behaviour that is aimed at harming other people such as punching someone in tha face 

The Bioglogical Explanation


Hormones have been propesed as being involved in aggression.Hormones are chemicals that are released by our edocrine system that affect how our bodies function and how we behave. It is widely accpeted that males are more aggressive than femals. The most obvious hormonal difference is that mean have much more testosterone than women, and so this is thought to be the cause of aggression in males.This has been supported by the finding that criminals imprisoned for violent crimes have higher levels of testosterone that non violent criminals.


A second difference between violent and non violent offenders is a chromosomal abnormality there is a higher than normal proportion of men with an extra Y chromosome amongst violent offenders when the 23rd chromosome fails to divide some men end uo with a XYY arrangement.This has certain effects, including making men more aggressive than normal

Raine 1997 

Aim: to investigate whether there were any differences between the brains of murders and non murderes 

Method:41 murderes in California were given a PET scan and compared wirh a similar group of non murderes 

Results:There were some differences including lower activity in the prfrontal cortex of




Very useful information on aggression and by mentioning key researches, it makes the whole document valid and helpful. However, I have only one complaint and that is the spelling mistakes make it hard to read. Overall a very nice piece which benefits us greatly.

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