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Aggression-behaviour aimed at harming others.

Hormones-chemicals released by our endocrine system that affect how our bodies function and how we behave.

Chromosomes- the parts of each cell that carry the genetic information from our parents.

Biological explanation:

Limbic-the part of the brain that causes aggressive behaviour.

Prefrontal cortex-the very front of the brain. it is involved in social and moral behaviour and controls aggression.

Brain disease-damage to the brain caused by illness or trauma.

Thanatos-the part of our unconscious that causes our aggressive drive.

Ego defence mechanisms- behaviour strategies used by the individual to protect itself.

Psychodynamic explanation:

We have two defence mechanisms-

  • displacement-being aggressive towards other people 
  • sublimation-challenging our aggression into other acceptable activities

Case Study- Freud,Dollard et al.

Social Learning theory of aggression:

Vicarious learning-learning by observation.

Monitoring-judging whether our own behaviour is appropiate or not.

Punishment-a stimulus that weakens behavioour because it is unpleasant and we try to avoid it.

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The development of aggressive behaviour

Biological investigations in the causes of aggression (Case Studies):

  • Young et al. (1959)
  • Raine (1997)

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Psychodynamic investigations in the causes of aggression (Case Studies):

  • Baker (1941)

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