Aggression: Social Learning Theory

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  • Social learning theory is defined as learning behaviour controlled by environmental influences rather than by innate or internal forces. It is often called modelling or observational learning.
  • Suggests that aggression is primarily learned: through direct experience or by observation.
  • Theorists believe: Behaviour that is reinforced will be repeated and learnt.  Aggression associated with reward is likely to be learned. 
  • Bandura's observational learning theory: Attention, Retention, Production, Motivation or positive reinforcements. 
  • Individuals are said to be more likely to reproduce behaviour if: it results in rewards that are valued, what they observe is similar to them, the person is charasmatic and admired, the task is not too easy or too difficult, the observer has low self esteem.
  • Bandura believes that aggression reinforced by family members is more prominent in modelling


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