Agentic State and Legitimacy of Authority

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Agentic State and Legitimacy of Authority - 

The Agentic State...

    • A common way of thinking of the obedient individuals is that they see themselves as not been responsible for their own actions.
      • Instead they see the responsibility as to be caused by another person (figure of authority)
      • Milgram referred to this process of shifting responsibility's of one person's actions onto someone else as agentic state.
      • Agentic shift involves moving from the autonomous state (where a person takes responsibility for their own actions) to agentic state (when a person sees themselves as an agent to carry out someone else's wishes)
  • Self Image and the Agentic State...
    • One reason why people adopt an agentic state is to maintain a positive self image
    • Tempted to do as requested and shock the learner, the participants may assess the consequences of this actions and percieve their self image and refrain.
    • Once the participant has moved into the agentic state, the evaluative…


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